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Absolute Solar provides energy generation from the sun, using free solar energy, to generate electricity or hot water, which when coupled with enhancing your homes energy-saving makes homes less fuel dependent, more efficient to own and run and more valuable.

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Award Winning Solar Installer

Absolute Solar an award-winning fully qualified installer of solar energy for hot water systems and photovoltaic (PV) electricity generation, providing you with clean FREE renewable energy. Absolute Solar’s Photovoltaic (PV) panels use the energy from the sun to generate FREE electricity with no waste and no emissions this can then be used to run appliances and lighting.

About Absolute Solar, award-winning Solar Panel installer

Absolute Solar is part of Absolute Insulation Ltd, a proudly independent, privately owned business which has provided insulation and solar solutions for home-owners and businesses throughout the UK since 1992. The company is a founding member of the Insta consortium and works with major utility companies, such as npower and eon to deliver CERT and CESP programmes and will be an integral part of the Green Deal energy reduction programme being fully launched in October 2012.

The Absolute group of companies will deliver domestic and commercial energy reduction and generation through the Green Deal as it replaces existing programmes.

Solar Panels

Absolute Solar uses solar panels from a wide range of suppliers, providing a complete range of the leading solar panels, including Sunpower, ET solar, InstaGEN, HIT Sanyo (now Panasonic), Schuco and Sharp. These suppliers provide a complete range of monomeric, providing power from the sun’s direct energy and polymeric panels (including composite cell structures), which provide both direct and indirect energy from the sun.

Solar Photovoltaic

Absolute Solar is certified to install solar photovoltaic systems under the Micro-generation Certification Scheme (MCS), which allows home owners to benefit from Feed In Tariffs (FiTs) for installing solar PV, making the pay-back quicker and the economic returns for installing solar PV highly favourable. You can benefit from FREE electricity, FiT’s payments and cash back from selling electricity back to your utility supplier, providing you with a Return on Investment (ROI) of up to 11.96%, (click here to see one example of our panel options).


Solar Thermal

Solar thermal (hot water) systems are one of the most cost efficient renewable energy resources available. You can create 50%-70% of your property’s annual hot water requirements, reducing the cost of running your home.

We install solar PV and solar thermal throughout the UK providing solar power solutions to domestic and commercial customers. Solar panels do not rely on direct sunlight to work, as long as there is daylight, power will be generated, meaning everywhere in the UK can benefit from solar power with information systems such as the Sunny beam wireless remote information system.

Solar Panel Suppliers

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We provide highly skilled energy advisers who will assess whether your building is suitable for solar panels, checking factors such as roof or wall aspect and the amount of sunlight received and provide you with all the information you require to make an informed decision on your solar options.

Solar systems consist of a number of solar panels connected together to form a system, most often placed on a south-facing roof. The size of your system required to help power a home depends on a number of factors: your energy needs, the type of panels used, the roof space and orientation and your budget available.

Absolute Solar is an award-winning and highly regarded solar solution provider through its – excellent service, customer understanding and personal relationships from our energy advisers supported with technical backup, specification team, highly trained technicians, delivering a national service with regional focus and the best return on investment through superior products.

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