Installation Update

Change in FITs 12.12.2011

The Government announced that the Feed In Tariff (FITs) would change from 43.3pence per unit to a new rate of 21p/kWh for solar PV installations of less than 4kW. This new tariff rate will affect all installations with an eligibility date on or after 12th December 2011.

With the change in FITS coming into play the whole team at Absolute Solar are working flat out to complete all pre-FITS change installations on time before the FIT change comes into play. The pressure on the whole industry is unprecedented as such a rapid and dramtic change to the industry has created a huge pressure on the whole supply chain and the whole UK market.

“I can assure all our customers that Absolute Solar is on time with our installation programme for all customers with orders in the system with us, we are in dealing with four months worth of installs within the six week window of the notification period the government  gave us”. Dean Bliss MD Absolute Solar

All existing orders will be completed within the time limit provided by the Government of the 12.12.11.

“Can I thank all customers for their patience in dealing with us, the office has been under huge pressure from customers concerned that their installation may miss the deadline”.