The Green Deal £500 Billion Market

Absolute Solar Green DealGreen Deal Overview

In October 2012 the Governments new flagship programme called Green Deal will replace a variety of existing schemes (CESP, CERT amongst many others) to reduce energy usage and transform our economy to a low carbon economy. The Green Deal will replace existing programmes with an enhanced integrated one which it is hoped will transform the UK economy by reducing our carbon usage by 80% by 2050.

Green Deal Golden Rule

To achieve that the Green Deal will generate a low carbon economy, linking energy conservation to homes and business need. The Golden Rule is that all improvements to domestic or commerical premises under Green Deal will be limited to equivalent saving the improvement will make. With the  average home estimated requiring £25,000 invested to bring it up to the standard, that will mean the potential investment will be limited to this figure to reduce energy use and for improvements to domestic dwellings.

Green Deal Domestic Funding

Green Deal will provide homes and business with a new source of funding linked to the buildings need.  In 2009 UK homes accounted for 28% of UK energy usage and with over 80% of them envisaged to be still in use by 2050 there is a need to actively reduce their energy consumption. With utility bills estimated to increase by 60% by 2020 the financial impact of not reducing costs will be considerable.

Green Deal Solar

For those who have reduced energy consumption, by installing insulation (both cavity wall and loft), double glazing and modernised their boiler then will then be an opportunity to improve their energy generation using Green Deal funding to install solar panels and other green technologies such as air and ground heat exchangers in domestic and commercial improvements.

Like to learn more about Green Deal and its impact then please click here to read the Institute for Sustainability report: Green Deal or click here to see the Green Deal video.

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