Absolute Solar Roof Pays Dividends

Putting Our money Where Our Mouth Is

Absolute Solar has installed its own solar panel roof on its warehouse in Wanstead Park, Leicester to demonstrate to business that fitting solar panels, even on a east-west facing roof is a sensible investment. Not only are we generating our own electricity, which means that we are off-setting ever-increasing electricity bills, but also we are reducing our carbon footprint.

Absolute Solar Roof makes Commerical Sense

Absolute Solar, our Solar Roof makes commercial sense

Solar Panels Make Financial Sense

The roof installed from the 3rd March 2012 has been generating away for the last 3 months and has already generated 7,000 units of electricity. With a Feed In Tariff rate of 32.9pence per unit the roof has already earned over £2,300 in Feed In Tariff and another £910 in energy cash back from our utility company. “It is the best investment we’ve ever made, turning our roof into a power station” says Dean Bliss MD of Absolute Solar.

How Solar Payback Works

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