New Solar Panel Feed In Tariff from August 2012

New Solar Panel Tariff

New Feed In Tariff has been announced by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC). From August 1 the new rate for 4kW systems will be 16p/kWh, set in line with current installation figures.

Absolute Solar award winning solar panel installer, Leicester based, UK coverage for high quality affordable solar panels.The latest tariffs are aimed at providing the same returns as originally set out, enabling customers to achieve a return of at least 6% but with the falling prices of systems such as SolarGen solar panels and ET solar panels from Absolute Solar returns could well be higher.

The new tariff rates of 16 pence per unit covers new build and retrofit to existing houses.

“This simplification provides clarity and simplicity to customers says” Dean Bliss MD of Absolute Solar “and we are working hard with our suppliers to provide cost effective solar panel solutions which will provide high energy conversion combined with a great return for our customers.”    

Domestic Solar Tariff 16 pence

The tariff for a domestic solar installation will now be 16p/kWh, down from 21p, and will be set to decrease on a three-month basis by 3.5% thereafter, depending upon the rate of uptake of solar panels.

The other major change to the new tariffs, is that they will be paid over only 20 years instead of 25 years, should give a return on investment (ROIs) of over 6% for most typical, well-sited domestic installations, and up to 8% for the larger often commercial systems.

Increase in Export Tariff

Another major change is the increase in the export tariff, which will increase to 4.5p from 3.1p, a particular benefit for large-scale solar investors, who will be able to add the export tariff to the feed-in tariff in order to generate a reasonable return on investment. All tariffs will continue to be index-linked in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI).

The governments aim for the UK solar market is to install at between 800MW in to 1,000MWp each year up to 2015, with a goal of achieving 22GW for 2020.

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Solar Panels a Great Investment

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Solar Panels

As an award-winning solar panel installer we have access to the finest solar panels to meet your electricity needs and fit your budget. From leading brands like Shucco, Sharp and Sanyo through to the outstanding Instagen solar panels, which deliver an exceptional return on investment for customers, Absolute Solar has the full range of  solar panels to meet every demand.

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Solar Panel Payback Model

Solar panels installed by an approved MCS approved and accredited installer such as Absolute Solar benefit from three different elements of payback from their initial investment.

Solar Panels Feed In Tariff (FIT)

With a payback of 21 pence per unit generated through the Feed In Tariff (FIT) coupled with FREE SOLAR ENERGY and an export tariff of 3.1pence, installing solar panels provides an excellent return on investment. Starting with lower electricity (or gas if installing solar thermal to a gas central heated house) costs, typically a skip system with supply up to 60% of a house’s electricity.  This immediate cost reduction, from day one of the system going live, customers can see if they use a monitoring system like the SunnyBoy one which Absolute Solar recommends to monitor how much electricity is being generated at any time.

With Feed In Tariff (FIT) of 21 pence per unit payback from your electricity supplier as part of  the financial package provides customers of Absolute Solar, an MCS accredited solar panel installer with an enhanced financial incentive to install green, clean technology.

The third element of the payback system is the export tariff which provides customers with money back from their utility supplier where they are generating electricity which is sold back to their utility supplier.

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Government looses appeal

This morning the Government lost its appeal over its decision to cut the  Feed In Tariff (FIT) from 43 pence per unit to 21 pence per unit.

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This should mean that new solar panel installations up until the 3rd March 2012 will be at 43 pence per unit.

See: BBC announcement this morning or click

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Installation Update

Change in FITs 12.12.2011

The Government announced that the Feed In Tariff (FITs) would change from 43.3pence per unit to a new rate of 21p/kWh for solar PV installations of less than 4kW. This new tariff rate will affect all installations with an eligibility date on or after 12th December 2011.

With the change in FITS coming into play the whole team at Absolute Solar are working flat out to complete all pre-FITS change installations on time before the FIT change comes into play. The pressure on the whole industry is unprecedented as such a rapid and dramtic change to the industry has created a huge pressure on the whole supply chain and the whole UK market.

“I can assure all our customers that Absolute Solar is on time with our installation programme for all customers with orders in the system with us, we are in dealing with four months worth of installs within the six week window of the notification period the government  gave us”. Dean Bliss MD Absolute Solar

All existing orders will be completed within the time limit provided by the Government of the 12.12.11.

“Can I thank all customers for their patience in dealing with us, the office has been under huge pressure from customers concerned that their installation may miss the deadline”.