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Absolute Solar can design and install energy saving and energy generating solutions to improve your home, see how using our online FREE online survey tool: Click here to see what you could save.

From saving money through replacing old inefficient boilers with new highly efficient boilers, you could save a huge amount of money on replacing your G rated boiler and replacing with a modern A rated boiler.  Typically customers replace their boiler after 14 years, yet bringing this forward this change could be a very smart move for customers.


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The Green Deal 

Benefiting from making changes such as saving energy or installing energy generating features to your home can be either paid for or funded through green deal. Either way that’s where the smart money is going, into renewable technologies to reduce your utility bill costs and generate your own FREE energy.

Our FREE online tool provides a quick, simple and effective way to see what options are best suited to your needs. With over 45 different energy-saving or energy generating technologies, Our FREE survey tool provides you with a quick, simple and effective way to assess which options best fit your precise needs, and how they might benefit you.

It costs nothing and provides a complete picture of how you can improve your home, save money and add value to your property, click here to see what you could save:  FREE online survey

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NEW Solar ROOF at Absolute Solar

New Solar Roof

Work begins today on Absolute Solar’s new solar roof, covering the entire surface of their warehouse and office space roof this solar array. The solar roof will install a massive 120 solar panels across the east-west roof of the main Absolute Solar warehouse and administration offices in Wanstead Park, Leicester. Each panel is an ET 250 providing exceptional performance and value for money as part of a new generation solar panel coming onto the market. The Absolute solar roof is a 30KW system, demonstrating that any business with the right type of roof can benefit from solar energy.

Absolute Solar solar roof Towards Self Sufficient Solar Energy Generation

The new solar roof will provide the majority of the company’s energy needs, making the Absolute Group self-sufficient for most of the year as part of the company’s vision to reduce its impact on the environment.

Through active monitoring software, designed within the system, the reduction in external energy use will be actively managed by a series of improvements within the Absolute Group to reduce their energy usage while generating their own electricity.

Absolute Solar Going Greener

Absolute Solar is committed to reducing its impact on the environment as an integral part of its operation and this is a massive step forward in achieving that, by producing its own electricity. As an award-winning solar installer Absolute Solar provides excellence in commercial and domestic solar technology, from design through to commissioning. If you would like to know more about Absolute Solar commercial installations or know someone who does then please call su to discuss your needs today on 0800 954 6134 where our highly experienced award-winning team will be delighted to discuss your solar needs.

Utility companies make £125 per customer

Ofgem the energy supply regulator has slammed price rises after energy companies show huge increase in profits after successive price rises over the summer.

Profit Margin from incfreasing electricity pricing

With winter coming there has never been a better time to install solar panels to reduce your fuel bills and benefit from the guaranteed Feed-in Tariff which will pay you for generating electricty.

Looking for more information then contact us by clicking here or call on 0800 954 6134 to discuss what Absolute Solar, the award winning solar installer could do for you.

Read the full BBC article here:
BBC News report

EDF joins the increase in fuel costs by 15%

EDF puts up its charges by 15%

From the 10th November 2011 EDF customers will also see prices rise by an average of 15%, ontop of the 7.5% introduced in March this year.

EDF follows the other five major energy suppliers – British Gas, Scottish Power, Scottish & Southern Energy, Npower and E.On in announcing price rises.

The tariffs across the industry have included price rises of up to 18%. The BBC has put together a chart of price rises by supplier so you can see the impact of costs, click link above or image below to read the BBC story.

Click here to see the BBC report

Looking to save and make money then why not look at solar power to reduce your bills and pay you money back, 7% to 12% return on investment from installing solar power? Why not contact us to learn more.

Solar Panels to Power Juno to Jupiter

Nasa launching solar powered JUNO spacecraft in orbit around Jupiter

The $1.1 billion (£674m) “Juno” mission is set to blast off from Cape Canaveral today, on a five-year mission to the the largest planet in the solar system using solar panels to power it.

The 4-ton Juno spacecraft, which will arrive at Jupiter in 2016, will study the planet’s core, atmosphere, powerful magnetic field and auroras and follows on the annoucement that water has been identifed on Mars.

Solar Panels to Provide Energy Source
Once it reaches its target it will be the furthest-travelled solar-powered probe and the fastest man-made object in history after travelling at 160,000mph. Jupiter is five times further away from the sun than earth and therefore the amount of sunlight is only 125th the amount we recieve on earth, but was still enough to support the Juno spacecraft’s operations in getting to and in supporting it orbit the planet.

Nasa said the key objective of the 1.7 billion-mile pioneering voyage, will be powered was to learn more about how the solar system was created by studing this the largest and least known planet in our solar system. Click here to learn more about the Juno spacecraft

If you would like to know about what solar panels can do for your home or business why not contact us the award winning Absolute Solar, to see how much they can save you in costs?

Absolute Solar at The National HOME Improvement SHOW at the National Home Improvement show

The National HOME improvement SHOW

Absolute Solar, the award winning solar installer, is delighted to announce it will be exhibiting at The National HOME improvement SHOW at Earls Court London, from 30th September through to 2 October 2011.

The show, the largest in the UK is a unique opportunity to see everything under one roof for home improvement from the country’s 300 leading suppliers of home improvement companies including energy saving installers such as at the national home improvement show earls court

Absolute Solar will be exhibiting at stand 467 throughout the show, to meet the team and benefit from great offers during the show from this award winning solar installer.

“It is a great show and we had such a huge success last year generating so many enquiries we were determined to return this year and built on that success” comments Dean Bliss MD of Absolute Solar

Like to learn more about solar panels on your home or business then contact us and

A Great Testimonial we just had to share!

“To whom it may concern

When answering a “flyer” received through the post one never knows how reliable the firm is likely to be. I have no such worries with ABSOLUTE SOLAR. Their response was remarkably rapid, their installation team were amazingly quiet, friendly and above all efficient, and the finished layout is most pleasing to the eye. The cost of the work was obviously quite high, but there is no doubt about it being good value for the amount spent.” Mr E Varley, Derbyshire.

100% customer satisfaction from Absolute Solar customers.

Great Testimonial from another happy customer

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Finance available for all wanting to benefit from the suns FREE energy

Absolute Solar provides financial solutions for Solar thermal and Solar PV systems suitable for everyone through Ideal4Finance

Absolute Solar provides financial solutions for Solar systems through Ideal4Finance

Absolute Solar can now offer a fantastic range of finance options to suit all.

Working with Ideal 4 finance, we can now provide the home owner with the best rates possible via our local broker so you can start benefiting from the suns FREE energy.

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